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The Big House: Toronto General Hospital From 1972 to 1984 arose from a conversation between Hugh Cameron, an orthopedic surgeon, and Edna Quammie, an OR nurse, reminiscing about their shared memories. It was proposed at a dinner meeting of the Dinosaur Club, a group of doctors and nurses and technicians who worked in the operating room in Toronto General Hospital in the seventies and eighties.

It tells of the thrills and spills—sometimes funny, sometimes sad—about life in the OR at that time which followed Woodstock, which, in a sense, changed a North American generation. There are some larger-than-life characters, many now long gone. The group felt that this snapshot of history, this tale of their youth, should be written now while there were some left who would treasure these memories of times past.

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To Slip The Surly Bonds Of Earth: Book 1

The West is entering its final phase, like the fall of Rome or the Late Merchant Phase of the various Chinese empires. It is slowly grinding to a halt as the inevitable problems multiply, with no obvious will to counter the decline. One man dreams of humanity becoming a multiplanet species in the hope of preserving the basics of human knowledge through the coming dark ages. The Great Powers have turned inward, and there is little political will for further space exploration. Funding is minimal, and technological innovation has slowed dramatically. He uses his skills as a fighter to fund his dreams and is, for a time, the heavyweight champion. Using his notoriety, he slowly gathers friends, seeking to find those who can make the dream a reality. Manon, who claws her way up from nothing to wealth; Elizabeth, the miner turned politician; and others help fund the space project. They set up a foundation to search for scientific geniuses in the most unlikely places, looking for children who perhaps can make the journey into space possible, but it is not clear that Earth has any interest in returning to the high frontier.

Against a background of indifference, competing interests, and active discouragement, they do manage to establish small independent colonies on the moon and Mars; but the odds are great, protection is difficult, and long-term success is by no means assured. And there are malevolent forces moving in the world.

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To Slip The Surly Bonds Of Earth: Book 2

With small colonies established on the moon and on Mars, the Prometheus Group struggles to increase the number of people living off Earth before widespread breakdown of civilization occurs in the Western world and catastrophic numbers try to escape, leading inevitably to overcrowding and conflict, which would likely see the colonies fail. A major war on Earth would mean the loss of the ability to resupply space colonies, so establishing independence is a priority.

There is a continued search for children with extraordinary abilities to help with the space project. Some of the earliest of these children, now adults, realize unwillingly that space alone is not yet an option, and they will almost certainly have to fight a bloody rearguard action to retain, for a while, freedom in the free world to buy more time for the colonies. A major conflict on Earth is inevitable, and clearly, it will begin in Europe. The only question is, what will be the catalyst, and will it remain local or spread to involve the whole world?

The Prometheus Group believes that America is likely to remain a bastion of freedom, so it will be necessary to relocate from a dying Europe. The presidency of the US becomes of crucial importance for long-term survival. They feel it is crucial that the US stay out of the coming European civil war.

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Pioneered by the Swiss trauma surgeons, a new way of teaching was introduced, and surgeon designers, funded by the companies who made the implants, set out around the world to teach these new concepts and new techniques.

This is the story of the development of these artificial joints, and how Hugh Cameron and a band of brothers known as Traveling Road Show crisscrossed the world teaching this new technology to thousands of other surgeons, to the benefit of millions of patients who now walk pain free as a result.

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Sheila was born in Toronto, into a cold, unemotional family where she was an unexpected and not entirely welcome afterthought. Seeking parental attention, she embarked on a self-destructive path. Eventually, after many missteps, she pulled herself together, emigrated to the US, got a student loan, and graduated as a nurse. To pay her student loans, she joined the US military. During her deployment to Afghanistan, she was exposed to unspeakable horrors. She fell in love with an army surgeon who had his own emotional problems. In spite of suffering from obvious post-traumatic stress disorder, she resisted being invalided home in order to remain with him.

Attempting to rescue a child being sexually abused, she accidentally killed a man. In consequence, she was given another-than-honorable discharge (OTH) by the military. Suffering from PTSD and addiction problems, which she painfully overcame, she obtained work in a nursing home, where she fell under the spell of one of the residents who had a world-weary, cavalier view of life and who talked her into mercy killings, the first of which was to protect him from a demented, violent resident. She eventually reunited with her lover who had also been discharged from the military. They were beginning to settle down when, through a tangled series of events, she was arrested for the mercy killings and was jailed.

After she was freed from jail, they reunited and lived quietly and happily for a time before becoming involved in a violent denouement in a terrorist hostage situation.
At heart, this is a love story filled with all the dilemmas and uncertainties of death and the vicissitudes of life.

I love thee with the breath smiles tears of all my life.
And if God choose I shall but love thee better after death.

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The West continues its precipitous decline. The ancient, magnificent, awe inspiring Christian Churches which had taken centuries to build, are burning all over Europe, and that tragedy and violence on the streets are becoming so commonplace that it barely is mentioned by the media. Even the most egregious terrorist outbreaks are passed over by politicians as something which occurs in big cities and the indigenous population should simply get used to it.

Policing in most of the West has sunk to an all-time low. Rape of women and children has reached unprecedented levels. Crimes against property and person are largely ignored. Break and Entry now no longer even merits a police inspection. Horrifying acid attacks, where acid is thrown on a young woman, destroying her face, never before seen in Europe, are barely mentioned. Any vestige of ‘Free Speech’ has become a thing of the past and there is a return to the Thought Police of the Communist era.

The Prometheus Group, a disparate collection of people who fear for the future of civilization, especially the unlikely Enlightenment concept of intrinsic individual human worth, have established small colonies on Mars and the moon. They continue to fly under the radar of public attention, as much as they can, while quickly expanding these colonies. The economic collapse of countries such as Greece had long been anticipated. Unsurprisingly, the economic situation in Canada suddenly deteriorates and the US President is forced to step in to prevent complete anarchy, which would threaten the undefended US northern border. Unwilling to involve the United States government directly, she asks the Prometheus Group for personnel to help oversee and assist the economic rescue of Canada, which the group agrees to with exceeding reluctance.

More of the exceptional children continue to be sought by the Prometheus Group, and continue to be found in the most unlikely places. As before, they are mainly seeking girls whose genius would otherwise be missed. These children are enlisted into the effort to produce the science which will get as many people as possible into space, and speed the terraforming of Mars, before the cataclysm of civil war, which is now inevitable in Europe, and will likely spread to involve the world. Any extension of war outside Europe will inevitably result in a nuclear exchange with unimaginable destruction, as a single nuclear airburst could produce such an electromagnetic pulse as to wipe out all computers within the blast area. This disaster, multiplied many times over, and almost certainly aided by biological warfare, would produce a possible reversion to primitivism, tribalism and savagery or the establishment of a dystopian rigid unchangeable medieval philosophy.

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The development of fusion power in the small colony established on Mars leads to an explosive outward emigration from Earth to the moons of the solar system. On Earth, increasing civil unrest in Europe has led to the election to positions of authority of three strong women: Leda in Germany, Madeleine in France, and La Marquesa in Spain. With the assistance of others—including Tomiko from Japan and Hinchcliffe, with her paramilitary organization, the Legion—order is restored, at least temporarily.

The lives, loves, and deaths of these women are set against a world of conflict, hope, and despair, as they struggle to maintain civilization and allow further immigration to the high frontier in the face of malevolent opposition forces.

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The original Journal of the Plague Year was written by Daniel Defoe in 1639. Plagues have been a recurrent fact of life since humans have existed. A virus or a bacterium makes the jump either from an animal or from a tribe who have long been habituated to the organism, and this novel infection races through the newly exposed populace, and a huge die-off of the new hosts occurs.

The last major event was the Spanish influenza at the end of WWI. There have been events of concern such as SARS and Ebola, with other lesser events such as H1N1, MERS, and Hong Kong flu. While these potentially were a major problem, the Wuhan virus has turned out to be a new plague of disastrous dimensions. It remains to be seen if the catastrophic subsequent events were due to the virus itself or the hysterical overreaction to it.

As an experienced doctor, with a large active clinical practice, I found I was often being asked the same questions as many patients were totally confused by the media and the changing and contradictory pronouncement from politicians and public health. I found I was answering so many questions in the office and on Facebook that it came to me, in April of 2020, that what I was doing was in fact compiling a “Journal of a Plague Year.”

This book is a collection of sequential posts, almost all completely unedited. Also included were some questions and my answers.

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Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
The darkness comes again.
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.
—W. B. Yeats

Jasmine, a budding artist, and her new boyfriend, Colin, become inadvertently involved in a terrorist/hostage situation in London. Kidnapped at gunpoint, Jasmine is smuggled to Iraq where she becomes an unwilling ISIS bride. Eventually she ends up as a concubine in Saudi Arabia. The Western authorities show no interest in trying to locate her.

As a result of willful government misunderstanding of events during the kidnapping, Colin ends up in jail. After experiencing terrifying encounters in prison, he is finally freed with the help of his Hong Kong–based mother using exceedingly unconventional means.

Several years later, while still a captive, Jasmine meets Colin. With the help of his mother, and her underworld associates, he undertakes a violent rescue from a Saudi yacht in the harbor in Monaco. During her captivity Jasmine has overheard a plot to explode nuclear devices in the United States. After her rescue she faces the very real problem of trying to alert a complacent and corrupt world to this impending catastrophe.

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A noir novel of love, intrigue, and violence amid the declining and increasingly chaotic Western world. Lauren, a professional assassin, now married and with a child, attempts to walk away from her previous life. Unfortunately, a series of events forces her to use her old skills, again and again. Qian, leader of a triad based in Hong Kong, one of her previous employers, seeking to separate Vancouver from Canada to create an independent country, like Singapore, forces her to carry out further assignments. Jazz, a Toronto born budding artist was taken prisoner in the UK and forced to be a sex slave in the Middle East. Rescued by Qian’s son, Jazz is now her daughter in law. She finds herself playing an increasing role leading to Vancouver’s independence. The tensions and mistrust among these three women gradually worsens with time. Who will die or make die?

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This is the book I hoped not to write. A virus, tightly targeted at the ill elderly, appeared in 2019. For unclear reasons all the accumulated medical knowledge of the Western world was thrown out and the dicats of the CCP were instituted. By May of 2020 we knew that this virus carried little risk for any healthy person under age sixty. By the summer of 2020 it was obvious that measures such as masking, lockdown, school closures, etc. were not only of no value but were wickedly destructive. And yet they persisted, we thought due to politics.

If that was the case then 2021 should have brought the charade to an end, but it did not. The tragic destruction of the West continued. This book is a collection of sequential, virtually unedited posts describing the sorrow and pity of the last year. It is an attempt to document, through the eyes of a doctor, the history of the greatest public health disaster ever seen.

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The ongoing saga of the lives, loves, and tragedies of four very different women in an increasingly chaotic world. First introduced in the book Prions from Wuhan, the book 2 in the series, Die or Make Die, described their tangled, difficult, and increasingly distrustful but intertwined complex relationships.

Qian Choi is the leader of a Hong Kong–based triad deeply involved in pharmaceuticals. Her daughter-in-law, Jazz, formerly a sex slave in Saudi Arabia, is now prime minister of the new country of Vancouver. Hong, also married to her son, is forced to leave Hong Kong for fear of the CCP. Qian runs afoul of Big Pharma who is trying to force her to sell out. Lauren—a former assassin, widow of Qian’s former husband, unwillingly pressed back into service—stages a violent rescue and goes on to settle the score with dangerous, ruthless

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The human race has begun to move into space, with viable colonies established on Mars and elsewhere. The situation on Earth remains volatile, but the immediate battle against the forces of collectivism has been won in Europe, spearheaded by a triumvirate of powerful women now running Spain, France, and Germany. But that is unstable as further conflict is almost inevitable as the very foundational concept of freedom, that a single individual has intrinsic worth, remains under constant threat.
The Prometheus Group, who spearheaded the thrust into space, feels increasingly under pressure from corrupt collectivist forces, who seem to be again seizing political power worldwide, especially in the US. The disastrous consequences of the twentieth century notwithstanding, by camouflaging and ignoring history, they appear destined to repeat the terrible mistakes of the past.
The situation is further complicated by A.I. as numerous jobs at the lower skill end of the market, such as driving vehicles, has been taken over by robots. The absence of meaningful work is leading increasingly to an aimless, pointless existence, so drugs, alcohol and suicide are increasing problems worldwide.
With this disaster looming on Earth, there is a division coming between Earth and the Spacers, who are increasingly not only psychologically but increasingly physically different from Earthlings. How wide that gap will become in the future remains unclear. A.I. has not yet reached the stage where a physical body can be dispensed with, but that is at least now conceivable.

The universe remains a chancy place. One of the colonies, opening up on Ganymede, is hit by a meteor, and survival became doubtful. A rescue mission, likely to be a one way trip, is launched. The world waits to see the outcome of what naysayers have been predicting for a very long time.

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This is the lighthearted tale of a fictitious orthopedic surgeon stumbling down the strange alleyways of the intersection of medicine and the law, both of which many people find fascinating. As orthopedic surgeons look after trauma case, inevitably they become involved with ‘The Law’ as someone has to tell the judge and jury just what the injuries were and the expected long term outcome.

The incidents described are entirely fictitious, as are the characters. Any distant relation to reality is purely by chance. It is modelled after Rumpole of the Old Bailey, that stalwart upholder of the golden thread of justice.

The peregrination starts in Scotland, then moves to Canada with an outsider’s look at some interesting US situations. As the author has no legal training or knowledge whatsoever, none of this is to be taken seriously. The sources of the tales are wide and varied, occasionally from dim bars late at night and more frequently from thin air. As Kipling wrote,

‘This I have heard and this I have read
And this was noised abroad.
And this I have got from a Belgian book
On the word of a dead French lord.’

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When the Wuhan virus escaped or was released, likely in May 2019, it slowly spread around the world. We know from sewage studies, it was in Europe and Brazil by November 2019. It was almost certainly deliberately spread at the military games in Wuhan in October 2019. In October 2019, a meeting was held in New York, called Event 201. This so clearly predicted exactly what was going to happen that it seems obvious someone knew something.

Nothing much happened until the virus triggered seasonally as many viruses do, early in 2020. Even so, had there been no PCR test, it seems unlikely that anyone would have noticed, as it was no worse than a bad flu year. The results from Africa clearly demonstrate that with no tests and no needles, there was no epidemic. It was not the virus that caused the problem, it was the inexplicable reaction to it, almost as if it had been rehearsed at Event 201. Two years ago, such a statement would have seemed lunacy. But given the unfolding events, who knows?

This book, like the first two, Journal of the Plague Year (2020) and Plague or Pseudo Plague (2021), consists of sequential posts laying out the history as it unfolded. Given the attempts already to rewrite history, such a chronicle is necessary to document what actually seemed to happen. The reader must continue to bear in mind that censorship was extreme and the writer had to be very circumspect as these posts were clearly frequently shadow-banned, and there were constant fears of deplatforming.

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Pharma Wars – A Qian Choi Novel

A former professional assassin, who goes by the name Lauren Chen, still haunted by dreams of her lover who died to save her, is now a respectable woman with two children and married to a well-known Toronto surgeon.

Lauren wishes to be free of her past life, but a previous employer, Qian Choi, head of a Hong Kong-based triad who owns an international pharma company, is attacked by a corrupt major pharma company with whom she has clashed in the past.

Lauren is inevitably forced back into violent action, which spans Europe, Canada, and China. The fears, lives, and loves of these two women seem inextricably, if unwillingly, intertwined.

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