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This is my first tentative attempt at a blog. As someone who grew up before the electronic era, I find it very difficult. I suppose it will come with practice, like everything else. But I just wish it was easier to navigate.

I have written technical books and research papers all my life. it was only when I stopped operating  a couple of years ago that I  began to write fiction. My first book was an autobiography, Have Knife Will Travel, a memoir of my life on the road, teaching and demonstrating joint replacement surgery. It was the tale of how we developed the joints that people currently walk on. i then wrote a book with my long time scrub nurse, Edna Quammie, about the fun and games we had in the operating room in Toronto General Hospital after Woodstock changed the world.

Watching the western world collapse around  us led to the writing of the four book series, To Slip The Surly Bonds Of Earth. The advent of the virus, and the hysterical reaction it has certainly sped up this collapse, which makes these books prophetic. The Virus pandemic and the incredible overreaction spurred two new books, Journal Of The Plague Year(2020), and another with Edna Quammie, Prions From Wuhan. we also wrote a book describing  love amid the ruins, medical personnel returning from the horrors of Afghanistan.

we are currently collaborating on a follow-up, exploring the post virus dystopian world.

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